Envirospray 300 |

Envirospray 300 is a seamless monolithic insulation system which is sprayed directly on to steel, wood, masonry, tile, glass and most other surfaces.
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Enviropanel |

Enviropanel is a wall cavity system utilizing sprayed cellulose fibre as an infill.
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Supacell |

Supacell is an environmentally responsible recycled insulation easily installed above ceilings (normally to a depth of 100mm) primarily to ensure thermal control.
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Envirobatt |

Envirobatt is our standard foil installation backed batt designed for use above suspended or T-bar ceilings.
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Natural Insulation was established in 1992 in Thailand with a comprehensive transfer of technology from Cool or Cosy, Australia incorporating all their expertise from a company with 26 years experience in this industry in producing, marketing, selling & installing cellulose fibre in their differing applications.


Now incorporated within The AM Group of Companies, Natural Insulation (2009) Co., Ltd. is moving into a resurging growth & development phase whilst maintaining both an enviable reputation within the industry for it’s ethical & honest approach to both staff & customers & the highest standard of quality control throughout our range of cellulose products. (manufactured to Australian Standards AS 2462)

To date our products have been used in over 4.1 million structures both in Australia & South East Asia.

Very – Very Green

Our product uses 80% recycled material.Embodied energy up to 70% less than equivalent products. Significant ecologically sustainable development (ESD) benefits.

Very – Very Safe

  • Non-hazardous, non-irritant 
  • Completely  firesafe
  • No respirable fibres 
  • No asbestos
  • No harmful chemicals

Fully insect free- always.

Two natural boron chemicals are introduced to ensure complete fire safety, & fully protected against insect infestation.

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